SupermartXe is one of the main promoter groups that exists in the night leisure and entertainment industry world wide, thanks to the unique events with top level artists and notable media impact that they create.

With an average of 250 events celebrated each year around the world, their trajectory has allowed their team to develop a variety of projects, each framed on a different music style, connecting with all kinds of audiences.

Under the slogan “We own the show” they want to celebrate the brands success and welcome a new era of show evolution and music revolution. Experimenting a new sound between house and electronic, new artists, new themes and new experiences for party goers all over the world, while maintaining SupermartXe’s essence.

As an extension of Privilege Ibiza’s SupermartXe, the world tour has reached more than two thousand events around five continents, accounting for more than 8 million party goers along 55 countries.

The new themes for the upcoming year, inspired by the fashion collection designed by Manuel Albarran revolving six different color schemes: fluor, white, black, glod, silver and multicolor, each theme completed with different performances. 

Manuel Albarran is an expert designer that works with metals, corsets and many other disciplines. A unique vision from a designer with experience working for VOGUE, ID, ELLE and W Magazine amongst others. His solid work in the fashion industry has left his imprint in music videos from artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Madonna. Manuel’s extensive trajectory in the show business reached venues such as the Royal Albert Hall (London), and Limelight (New York) as well as collaborations with the renowned theatrical company La Fura dels Baus.

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