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Born in Santo Domingo, Méndez was interested in music and dancing from a very young age and as a teenager started performing at various locations with youth groups. He immigrated to Barcelona; Spain, where his music career began professionally collaborating with other artists, especially with the singer and friend OPB (Ollantay Pérez Betancourt).

In 2002, he founded his own record label “Latino Way” in association with Filmax Music and launched himself on a big tour of more than 100 dates throughout Spain. He shared the stage with well-known Spanish SuperStars like David DeMaría, David Bustamante, Chenoa, Guaraná, Presuntos Implicados amongst others. Songs from this period include “Sigue Bailando”, “Mami”, “Yo soy tu maestro” and “Ven” achieving good sales throughout his tour. His songs were also included in various hit compilations like El Disco de Reggaeton 02 (Vale Music), Caribe Mix (Blanco y Negro Music), El Megatón (Filmax Music) and La Factoria del Reggaeton (Metropol Records) etc. 

With an increasing appeal of dance music internationally, Méndez signed with Sony BMG in Spain to create an urban dance project. In early 2008 he created his own independent label in partnership with Ollantay Pérez releasing songs like “Yo Sí Soy de Barrio”, “Traigo Candela” to name a few.

Henry also managed to forge collaborations with other Dominican and regional Spanish performers throughout his tours with OPB with titles like “La sonrisa del gato”, “Chica tentadora” and “Fuego pasión”. He also increasingly started adding European disco sounds for a wider appeal, without forgetting the Latin American markets, where he toured initially with Ecuadorian rapper and reggaeton act Rude School. 

2011 saw a huge increase in the popularity of Henry Méndez after signing with Roster Music, a big name in Spanish dance music, and collaborating with Spanish DJ and music producer José de Rico. The release of “Te fuiste” resulted in a huge dance hit captivating audiences all around the world. Almost simultaneously “Rayos de sol” was released, reaching number 2 in Spain and became an international hit charting in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. It became the third best selling single in Spain in 2012. “Noche de estrellas” was the third big hit of Méndez in 2012.

Henry Méndez has continued to enjoy commercial success with his solo single “Mi reina” which reached number 5 in the Spanish PROMUSICAE Singles Chart, followed up by “El tiburón (The Shark)”, a remake of the popular merengue tune by Proyecto Uno. 

Méndez is a singer, but he is also a born entertainer. You just have to see him in action in his shows, where he doesn’t limit himself only to singing his songs but also interacts with the crowd constantly: he takes them up to dance, makes them sing, he even immerses himself in the crowd.  A true showman.

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