Music Production & Label Services

Taking advantage of the impressive artist roster and client network, BTA has managed to create strong relationships with top electronic record labels, radio stations, TV shows, press publications and many more.

Our artist’s tracks have been released in electronic labels the likes of Revealed Recordings, Hexagon and Smash The House. But BTA doesn’t stop here, after tracks are released by the labels, Butron Talent Agency offers a marketing service which has proven to be hitting all the right notes. Tracks have achieved tens of thousands of streams in Spotify, Beatport Top 10s (including number #1s), placements in top radio channels, TV shows with millions of viewers and the list goes on.

In BTA we believe in great music, this is why we also offer a production service. Our vast artist roster and client network helps us put great musicians together and create amazing collaborations.

We also offer private clients the ability to contact our artists to use their productions and compositions in their projects or create bespoke productions which are tailored to their vision and brand.

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