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Leury José Tejeda Brito, better known in the artistic world as Chimbala, is an artist of the reggaeton, merengue and urban genre, who was born in the Dominican Republic. Also called “The King of the Street”, Chimbala has placed himself at the head of the reggaeton movement as one of the most popular artists in the urban genre. 

Chimbala, who has also become a singer, is the trump card of other colleagues who need collaborations in their projects. His success is not only in his own work but he has composed and arranged songs for artists such as Mely Mel, Black Jonas, El Poeta Callejero and Mozart La Para, amongst others. He is admired by different generations who see in his music a reflection of their daily life in the streets. 

Leury has worked under the coordination of the experienced producer Carlos Bautista and has recorded projects with Toxic Crow,. Songs like “It was never like that” and “Ponteme Jevi”, are just a few examples. 

Chimbala’s first global hit  “Mannequin” led to a sold out tour in the United States. In addition to the United States, he has toured around Europe and Latin America; including Argentina, where his music and performances are in high demand. 

With almost 10 years in the genre dembow, Chimbala is an artist that keeps evolving. The Dominican artist has also made a large number of live shows in television channels in the Dominican Republic, as well as being part of the film “Calle sin culdo”, where he played one of the leading roles.  

His songs are carefully written to have lyrics that reflect a little of what happens in his neighborhood (Villa Mella), which is full of history and reflected in each of his songs. 

Chimbala resumed his work in urban music at the end of 2016 with the project “Tamo burlao”, a collaboration with his colleague El Fother. Since its release on October 11, 2016, the record achieved over seven million views in just two months for its official YouTube video. This led to some media of the urban genre to call him “The little giant! of urban music. ” 

In January 2017, Chimbala had the “To lo gogo” and “Desacatao” singles playing on all the main radios of the Dominican Republic, and achieved millions of plays in his YouTube channel.  

Fast Forward to May 2018, the project “Mannequin” is released. This hit single gave Chimabala an incredible boost to his musical career.  A couple of months after the video was released, it had more than 18 million views on his YouTube channel.  The song has had great fame in Latin America, USA and places in Europe like Spain or Italy.

The hits continued to come for the Dominican SuperStar, the next one being “So jealous”, which has millions of views on YouTube. 

These tracks gave Chimbala the push to become one of the most popular urban artists in 2018. By mid-2018, the Princess films company shot a film that gave Chimbala the opportunity to reach the big screen with “Dead End Street”. 

2021 saw the release of the huge global hit “Loco” – a collaboration with Justin Quiles and Zion & Lennox. This record has achieved over 200 million plays in Spotify as well as plays in major radio and mention in the top music outlets on the planet.

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