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Daniel Ramírez Romero known professionally as Danny Romero, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, and producer born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


He began his career as a singer after releasing “Agáchate” in 2012, his first single and one of his greatest successes, which reached number 42 on Spanish music charts. A year later, he had his first top 20 hit single “Motívate”. His first album 11:11 was released in 2018.


150 performances a year, 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and 700,000 followers on his social networks make Danny Romero an artist with incalculable potential. His style, always with Latin dance music as a reference, is different and unpredictable. From the powerful beats of Latin house, to the most urban sounds and tempos of reggaeton, hip hop … going through the most traditional styles of Latin music, he makes each of the styles his own.


Composer, producer and performer of each of his singles makes Danny Romero a uniquely talented artist.

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